Dip Switch Series

Dip Switch Series
Dip Switch Series
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Product Code : YJC-04H
Product Description

Product Specification

Switching rating(Switching): 25mA  24VDC

Switching rating(Non-switching): 100mA 

Contact resistance(initial): 50mΩ Max

Contact resistance(after test): 100mΩ Max

Insulation resistance: 1000mΩ Min.at 500VDC

Dielectric strength: 500VAC.for 60 seconds. 1mA

Capacitance between adjacent switches: 5PF Max


Mechanical Specification

Operating temp: -25℃~+70℃

storage temp: -40℃~+85℃

operation force:  8N  Max.

Mechanical life:  2000 operations

Vibration: Per  GJB360A-96

Solder ability: After flux 230±5℃for 5±0.5seconds,95%coverage

Resistance to soldering heat:260±5℃ for 5±1seconds


Material Specification

Cover:engineering plastics (Red)
Bottom:engineering plastics (black)
Pins:copper alloy plating solution 
KaysNylon (White)


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